EnergyHub NG partners LPG Tank Manufacturer DOĞUMAK Inc.

EnergyHub NG partners LPG Tank Manufacturer DOĞUMAK Inc.

Part of its mission to bridge the gap between Africa and the global market, EnergyHub NG has begun talks with Turkish manufacturer, DOĞUMAK Inc. producer of LPG transportation and storage tanks. The manufacturer currently makes exports to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Amman, and the UAE.


This new relationship will boost market accessibility for EnergyHub customers, and energy players who require innovative solutions in the transportation and storage facilities of their projects. DOĞUMAK also produces LPG semi-trailer, LPG Filling Facilities, Ammonia Transport, and Storage Tanks.

DOĞUMAK‘s product collection has been evolving ever since as it continually leads with forward-thinking solutions in LNG and LCO2 business, and in becoming a global brand. The DOĞUMAK tradename is a registered quality with ISO-9001: 2015 and TUV with its new factory in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep.

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