The Future of Energy: The Role of Research the Academia

the role of research and academia in the future of energy

EnergyHub is a platform that seeks to create a digital lifecycle for Africa’s energy industry. Our blog Energy Feeds is created to serve this purpose, and for everything energy. EnergyHub connects the service provider, the OEM, the professional, the researchers as well as the academics including every other player in the oil and gas, solar, and overall energy value chains. It is in this view that we will examine the essential role of research and academic communities in the growth of Africa’s energy space. It is important that they are welcome in this digital lifecycle.  

It is difficult to take out the thinkers from our much-discussed future of energy. It is also interesting to see that the world has been so vocal in a future where alternative and clean energy forms reign supreme. However, it’s important not to sidestep Africa’s reliance on fossil fuels as we advocate for this clean future. Whether we are ready for an instant transition to clean energy is still a huge debate. But one point is clear, fossil fuels still remain our current and major source of energy. The conversation should now be on how to stabilize and sustain the supply of fossil fuel for African economies while seeking optimal strategies for minimizing hazardous emissions. This strategy will also be complemented by a long term plan to ease Africa’s transition to clean energies in time to come. The question before us now is how do we go about these lofty ambitions?

The National Centre for Petroleum Research & Development
The National Centre for Petroleum Research & Development 

The Value of Energy-based Research 

As is the norm with all human industries and advancements, science and research are usually at the forefront of new thinking and new developments. The critical role that the access to reliable energy will assume in redefining the destinies of growing and developed economies is becoming the core agenda of today’s energy research. Today, supply and access to energy are sparking a conversation between power, economy, and existence.

Additionally, knowing the enormous value of energy, more resources and incentives are being directed towards growing the research capacity and network of the academia – professors, students, and researchers, who are enthusiastic about advancing knowledge on the future of energy. 

With informed knowledge and expert recommendations from energy-inclined research publications, industries are able to minimize cost, grow supplies and security, enhance efficiency, and re-evaluate the environmental implications of industrial activities for environmental protection strategies. Likewise, governments are able to make intelligent policies when researchers constitute energy advisory boards.

The Petroleum Training Institute
The Petroleum Training Institute 

EnergyHub and Digitizing the Access to Energy Research

Undeniably, the absence of rich and updated libraries in academic institutions can stunt the projections for learning, teaching, research, and development of the energy sector for developing economies. Although, this challenge can be addressed with a virtual library that facilitates the aggregation of the abundant research work and information contributed by academics, students, and researchers.

The value of research and development in sectors and society at large can never be overemphasized. In the US Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, research and development initiatives have pioneered the improvement of oil recovery technologies, advanced drilling, amassed extensive expertise and advisory capacity in its energy activities.

EnergyHub and Digitization

At EnergyHub, our digital network fosters the collaboration between petroleum and energy service providers, professionals, academia and researchers, aspiring students and institutions, and all entities across the energy value chain. By improving access to energy research findings, we bridge the knowledge gap in the industry, while ensuring that contributors to research can finally enjoy the dividends of their work by choosing to monetize their publications every time they are accessed by curious energy players and learners. 

We believe in the possibility of connecting all energy players on one digital network. Through our virtual library and electronic store, academicians, researchers, students, and others can share and access research outputs with the global community. 

For Researchers and the Academic Community

Your promising research recommendations on the future of energy can further magnify our vision at EnergyHub to be a platform that connects all energy players in the easiest way possible. 

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