Subsurface Development

Subsurface Development

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Hydrocarbon Lease Evaluation:

Havilah has expertise in reserves evaluation. We are capable of evaluating reserves for financial purposes through providing independent reserves evaluations and verifications of reserves statements used for as the basis for divestment, acquisition or company financial statements. We employ tools such as Decline Curve Analysis and Material Balance Analysis for deterministic assessment of hydrocarbon reserves. We also conduct probabilistic assessment of reserves by integrating seismic and formation evaluation with reservoir simulation in accordance with current SEC guidelines. Our reserves evaluation services form the basis for:

· Unitization studies

· Prospect evaluations

· Abandonment liabilities and project economics


Reservoir Evaluation and Management:

Havilah uses a multidisciplinary approach to reservoir management throughout the full life cycle of oil and gas fields. We conduct reservoir and well reviews with a view to making recommendations on:

· Infill drilling and pool depletion strategies

· Waterflood design & optimization

· Gas cap blowdown studies

· Water disposal and gas storage

· Well & Reservoir Surveillance

· Enhanced oil recovery schemes


Field Development Planning and Management:

Havilah employs a Integrated Reservoir Modelling (IRM) process for developing fit-for-purpose models that can be used as field development planning tools and guide in well and reservoir surveillance/optimization.



Havilah adds value field development and management throughout the assets full life cycle, working together with client to quantify uncertainties and reduce risk in operations thereby increasing the profitability of the project.

We adopt a project delivery based approach in achieving these objectives.


Havilah Energy (Canada) Inc. is a privately owned company formed in 2007 by a group of Nigerians in Diaspora, living in Canada’s rich Oil and Gas province of Alberta.

Havilah Hydrocarbon Resources Management – HHRM (Nig.) Ltd., or Havilah Nigeria was formed as a result of a dire need to assist the Nigerian industry with the all rounding service capability and expertise of Havilah Energy Inc. The company formation was driven by the collective global oil and gas experience of its supporters which span over 200 years, and a need to take technology back “home” and also provide employment to the teaming youths’ population. The company has since expanded the ownership to provide opportunity for other Nigerians that share the company’s vision. HHRM is a privately held corporation run by a CEO/MD with over 20 years industry experience and 5 non executive directors, who are group of Nigerian Oil and Gas exploitation professionals with over 200 years of combined work experience.

Who We Are

The company, Havilah, owned 100% by a group of Nigerian oil and gas experts have a primary focus to address the brain drain of professionals from Nigeria. With over 200 years combined industry experience, the company has capacity to help in developing the human and technical re-capitalization of the Nigerian economy and also providing employment to the teaming youth population.

With very strong knowledge of the Niger Delta political (surface) & geological (subsurface) models, Havilah Nigeria, run by indigenous Oil & Gas professionals with substantial experience and credentials, is prepared essentially to be a pre-eminent local content partner, and aims to become a 1st class oil & gas asset evaluation, field development planning and hydrocarbon resources management company, and providing Nigerian local capability for the total life cycle exploitation of hydrocarbon resources and components of the chain depending on the point of engagement of Asset, to maximize value to partners and/or clients.

Our core business focus areas are:

  1. Subsurface studies
  2. Well Engineering & Production
  3. Training & Representation

Havilah offers a full range of petroleum engineering, well engineering, Engineering Production operations courses relevant to the services we provide. We also provide careers for tested and experienced personnel for the planning and execution of our subsurface studies, onshore and offshore drilling, completion, and production operations in the upstream oil and gas exploitation in Niger Delta (Nigeria) and Canada Western Gas.

Company Profile

The company formation was driven by the collective global oil and gas experience of its supporters which span over 200 years. The board of directors, management, investors, professionals and owners of Havilah has unique experience spanning the entire oil and gas upstream sector of the industry. The collective technical experience of our members (both locally and internationally) coupled with our robust business model has led to our ability to be involved at the point of engagement of Asset to product delivery through the pipeline.

Board of Directors:

Professionals / Engineers:



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