20,000MT of PMS available for sale

20,000MT of PMS is available for sale with loading in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Buyer should be licensed to lift bulk products from NNPC, have the ability to move the products, and the financial capacity for the transaction.
A CBA will be signed by the buyer and seller for payment of facilitator fees before we proceed with the transaction.

Functional Filling Station

The filling station is built on 3.5 plots of land, 2 plots used for the filling station, 1.5 plots available at the back and the whole compound is fenced
The filling station built with 4 underground tanks.
Underground Tank Capacity as follows:
PMS: 90,000 LTRS
DPK: 45,000 LTRS
AGO: 45,000LTRD
Number of Dispensers:
PMS: 3
DPK: 1
AGO: 1

Tank Farm

Tank Capacity = 60,000 MT
NO OF Tanks = 9 + 2 New Bitumen
Tanks of 6.5M Ltrs each
Land size= 7.4 hectares
Title: C of O
2 Parking Obay: accommodates 250 TRUCKS
Quality Control Laboratory
Draught= 3 number of 6000 MT Vessel CAN Betth
LOADING GANTRY= 8 Loading arms
Max.Loading Gantry=70 TrucksDay
Admin Block
Clinic + Ambulance
6 rooms accommodation
Restaurant/ kitchen
800,500 & 250KVA Generators

Gas Processing Plant

LOCATION: Port-Harcour, Rivers State Nigeria.

The Plant is Submerged in water with 60 Bedroom Accommodation attached, offices, other facilities and Helipad
Gas Plant Produces;
C1 (Methane)
C2 (Ethane)
C3 (Propane)
C4 (Butane) and
C5+ (Condesate)

Oil Country Tubular Goods

1. 9-5/7″, 47#, N80, VAM-Top (100% compatility), R3 casing

2. 3-1/2″, 9.3#, N80, HCS, (100% compatibility), R2 tubing

3. 2-7/8″, 6.5#, N80, HCS R2 tubings

Instrumentation/ Calibration Services

Calibration Menu.
Installation of electrical facilities

Installation of safety devices

Pressure testing services

Calibration of pneumatic tubes & gauges

Tank Calbration

Flow Meter Calibration

Pump Calibration

Generator Calibration.

Supply of electrical appliances.

Lifting Equipment Inspection Services

Personnel involved in our operations and inspections are all qualified and competent professionals in Lifting Equipment Inspection.

All our engineers have been given specialised external and internal training and are continually assessed. This provides objective evidence that they are competent to perform the duties required of them.

All Tests and Inspections are carried out in strict accordance with approved company procedures. These can be reviewed and audited by the client prior to any work being carried out.

NDT Services

NDT Services.
Ultrasonic test (UT)
Radioactive test (RT)
Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
Dye Penetrant Testing
Visual Examination
Eddy Current Testing

Non-destructive testing from Henob’s – ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in severe damage, and assures compliance with international standards.

Welding Training.

We offer the following types of welding trainings:
Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Pipe 6G Position Uphill
Combination Structural & Pipe Welding
Pipe Downhill
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Advanced
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Pipe – 2″ diam. sched. 80
Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting
Program 2 – Structural Welding Pipe 2G & 5G Positions Uphill

Pipe 6G Position Uphill
Gas Metal Arc Welding – Advanced
Gas Metal Arc Welding – Pipe
Gas Metal Arc Welding
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Pipe Layout For Fitters & Welders
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding / Shielded Metal Arc Welding – Pipe