EnergyHub includes Africa in Future of Energy, seeks ACCI’S Support in Establishing Renewable Energy Institute, and more

EnergyHub to include Africa in the Future of Energy, seeks ACCI’S Support In Establishing Renewable Energy Institute, others

In championing its vision of an Africa that connects seamlessly in the global energy landscape, EnergyHub lead promoter, ENTEK Integrated Resources Limited, has sought the collaborative platform of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in different critical sectors that include renewable energy sources, E-commerce amongst others in Nigeria.

The EnergyHub team led by Lead Promoter, Dr. Felix Amieyeofori on Wednesday, established the essence of a collaboration with the ACCI. For him, creating a renewable energy institute not only solves the riddle of power generation and supply the Nigerian business and industrial communities currently faces. It is an essential move if Africa must be included in a future where access to energy is becoming an indicator for relevance, and economic growth.

It is in this area of growth that the President of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode shared the willingness of the Chamber to collaborate with EnergyHub as such association would mean well for the development of the nation.

According to the President of the Chamber, Ecommerce was essential and a key proponent today because “that is the trend now. COVID-19 has shown us why, and every country is keying into.”

“So digital engagement in business has come to stay and we must embrace and key into it” he emphasized.

The President who decried that Nigeria is versed in research but poor in development explained that the Universities should be strengthened to be able to carry out research and development for the economic progress of the country.

He told the gathering the Chamber contributes to national development by assisting government in policy issues through its Policy Advocacy Center (PAC).

He said the Center sensitizes government by alerting them on new trajectories in business and how to embrace it.

Speaking earlier, Dr Felix Amieyeofori said the Hub hopes to partner with ACCI and some select universities on research and development.

“We are already talking to Universities to make their researches seen so that the industries can demand researches from them directly to drive innovation” he said.

“We will work in collaboration with the universities and with you (ACCI)” on areas of renewable energy to bring solar off-grid isolation into the country.

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