Digital Economy, a viable economic recovery strategy for the new normal – Lead Promoter, EnergyHub

Saturday, December 5th, 2020 was devoted to outstanding economic scholarship as the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN) held its 40th mandatory seminar and induction programme for 2020, in Kaduna State. One major hallmark of the ceremony was the seminar themed “Promoting Economic Development Resilience in the face of a global pandemic: Nigeria in Focus.” Central to discussions were the forward-thinking insights of economic analysts on the COVID19 pandemic and its ravaging impacts on Nigeria’s economic growth, the rest of the world, and the inevitable emergence of Digital Economics.

A major highlight of the seminar, amongst other guest speakers, was the topic “The Effects of COVID19 Pandemic on Nigerian Economic Development Program: The Way Forward” presented by Lead Promoter of The EnergyHub Platform, Dr. Engr. Felix Valentine.

According to Dr. Felix, the “Health is Wealth” expression must begin to take on new and impactful meanings beyond Nigeria’s health sector, into her communities, and national economics. It was abstract to speak economic resilience without considering the medical and health economics of a nation. As demonstrated in 2020, the health of the people is in fact, the wealth of nations. 

On Medical & Health Economics

For Dr. Felix, medical economics should be robustly equipped for current and impending health crises like COVID19 such that every society can redefine and expand the role of its medical and health officer. To adjust to the “new normal,” our medical awareness must accept new realities. 

“Everyone must be the medical officer of their families, business units, communities, and societies.” This also foreshadows our collective responsibility as citizens and community members in ensuring safety health measures, social distancing, and other sanitary practices are enforced from units as small as families to businesses, and up to institutions. At this level, health education and awareness must not be restricted to health sectors. Every family must be a health institution on their scale to contain the pandemic.

Speaking on the uniqueness of our time, Dr. Felix opined that the connectivity of our global economy, and trade, although advantageous to economic growth and expansion, also helps accelerate the spread of infectious diseases in pandemic proportions. “The ability to travel across local and international markets in minutes and hours can frustrate efforts to curb the pandemic.”

International Economics

On international economics, Dr. Felix believes a paradigm shift may have already happened. However, the pandemic unraveled the strengths, the genuine economic potentials, and the fragility of modern international economies. 

In this case, the “new normal” might not be business as usual for countries regarded as economic powers. How nations responded and combated the virus will shape how the new economic power will be perceived. Thus, the pandemic may have created room for economists to re-evaluate the indices used in defining economic advancement and prowess in present modern economics.

The Nigerian Economy

There might also be a new definition of poverty in the post-covid era for Nigeria. This might include those who have been tragically hit by the economic disruptions of the pandemic in employment, business, and other sectors.

On the way forward, Dr. Felix holds the idea of diversification as we near a time where fossil fuels (Nigeria’s chief income source) is getting backlash across the globe. The nation must begin deliberate steps towards strengthening sectors like agriculture while incentivizing foreign investors with an enabling environment. To rescue the nation from its current status as Poverty Capital of the World, the nation must adopt a synchronized approach to its policy-making such that all sectors can feel the impact of government policies.

Digital Economy

Ultimately, the need to fully embrace science and technology in Nigeria was already overdue. To compete globally, the nation must recognize the role of digital economics and tech advancements in fast-paced economies like China, and the U.S.A, and adjust.

The role of digital economics in COVID19 cannot be easily overlooked using the growth trajectories of 2020 tech giants like Amazon, Zoom, and Facebook. The new field also gives fresh perspectives on its potentials in the future of human economics, the place of virtual realities in lockdown economies, and more. Digital Economy is likely to be a viable economic recovery strategy for forward-thinking economies in the new normal. 

EnergyHub includes Africa in Future of Energy, seeks ACCI’S Support in Establishing Renewable Energy Institute, and more

In championing its vision of an Africa that connects seamlessly in the global energy landscape, EnergyHub lead promoter, ENTEK Integrated Resources Limited, has sought the collaborative platform of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in different critical sectors that include renewable energy sources, E-commerce amongst others in Nigeria.

The EnergyHub team led by Lead Promoter, Dr. Felix Amieyeofori on Wednesday, established the essence of a collaboration with the ACCI. For him, creating a renewable energy institute not only solves the riddle of power generation and supply the Nigerian business and industrial communities currently faces. It is an essential move if Africa must be included in a future where access to energy is becoming an indicator for relevance, and economic growth.

It is in this area of growth that the President of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode shared the willingness of the Chamber to collaborate with EnergyHub as such association would mean well for the development of the nation.

According to the President of the Chamber, Ecommerce was essential and a key proponent today because “that is the trend now. COVID-19 has shown us why, and every country is keying into.”

“So digital engagement in business has come to stay and we must embrace and key into it” he emphasized.

The President who decried that Nigeria is versed in research but poor in development explained that the Universities should be strengthened to be able to carry out research and development for the economic progress of the country.

He told the gathering the Chamber contributes to national development by assisting government in policy issues through its Policy Advocacy Center (PAC).

He said the Center sensitizes government by alerting them on new trajectories in business and how to embrace it.

Speaking earlier, Dr Felix Amieyeofori said the Hub hopes to partner with ACCI and some select universities on research and development.

“We are already talking to Universities to make their researches seen so that the industries can demand researches from them directly to drive innovation” he said.

“We will work in collaboration with the universities and with you (ACCI)” on areas of renewable energy to bring solar off-grid isolation into the country.

How your Business can Benefit from our Post-COVID Training Series for Businesses.

As the year 2020 draws the curtain, EnergyHub NG is ready to offer its customers, businesses, and visitors of its platform fresh perspectives on doing and managing businesses in the new normal. Via its recently launched eTraining platform, EnergyHub will broadcast a webinar series of expert insights insights which businesses can use to make crucial retrospection to when the pandemic struck, its impact on businesses and how to better navigate their business future. The focus will offer more than just rescue efforts but also how to evolve and reshape businesses for a new normal.

View each webinar
⦁ Doing & Managing Successful Business in a COVID19 Pandemic Environment. with Dr. Ken Oteje.

10am-1pm. November, 2020.

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⦁ Personal Development & Effectiveness: Retooling & Reskilling under a COVID19 Pandemic Environment with Engr. Fred Eje.

10am-1pm 4th December, 2020.

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EnergyHub NG partners LPG Tank Manufacturer DOĞUMAK Inc.

Part of its mission to bridge the gap between Africa and the global market, EnergyHub NG has begun talks with Turkish manufacturer, DOĞUMAK Inc. producer of LPG transportation and storage tanks. The manufacturer currently makes exports to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Amman, and the UAE.


This new relationship will boost market accessibility for EnergyHub customers, and energy players who require innovative solutions in the transportation and storage facilities of their projects. DOĞUMAK also produces LPG semi-trailer, LPG Filling Facilities, Ammonia Transport, and Storage Tanks.

DOĞUMAK‘s product collection has been evolving ever since as it continually leads with forward-thinking solutions in LNG and LCO2 business, and in becoming a global brand. The DOĞUMAK tradename is a registered quality with ISO-9001: 2015 and TUV with its new factory in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep.

Want to explore EnergyHub opportunities with DOĞUMAK? Contact us below.

How to Grow Your Career Fast today

Oti Francis

As an aspiring career professional, or one interested in growing your presence in your industry, one of the most powerful lessons you’ll learn in your career journey is that of growth. You will constantly face obstacles, problems, and situations that challenge your skillset. In an age, where new information is available every second, the struggle to keep up is real, and also intense. The first advice you’re likely to get is “You need to grow yourself.” “Take a professional class.” or “Learn digital skills.”  

But many professionals, especially young career persons have discovered that solutions do not just arise from learning. They emerge from strategic, and actionable learning plans, accessible mentorship programmes, and other readily available learning resources they can access at the push of a button. In this series, you will learn actionable insights to help you grow your career fast in this quick-paced age. If there is anything we’ve learnt, we know that nothing can stop the human spirit, not even a dreadful pandemic.

Four Strategies to Grow Your Career Fast Today

  1. Consciously Manage Your Activities

The world is moving its focus from activities to strategy, and now results. Experts, executives, and the decision-makers across all management levels have been to the webinars, and the masterclasses. The next move for them is Execution. According to this Harvard Business Review, a few of today’s companies are allowing their employees 20% time to work on their personal projects. Again, most of this time spent learning or taking up MBAs aren’t eventually used to evolve careers.

Now that’s to emphasise the scarcity of time itself, and the need to actually spend time on things that matter. Eventually, as you will later discover,  a little time will be invested in learning. And, a little room will be created for the execution from such learning. But this shouldn’t be the case. Learning without application, and review is least impactful on career growth.

From our day jobs, we are able to create time for Executive MBAs, professional courses, and masterclasses. Yet, it is important that this slot we’ve created in our schedule is not reabsorbed by work after earning certificates on these programmes. Don’t end the learning cycle by filling it up with work activities. Instead, use that time as a period of experiment and execution. For learning to be impactful on career, it needs to be applied. But none of this will happen if we do not consciously manage our activities and the time we assign to them.

  1. Strategic Networking

This may seem over flogged. But networking differs greatly from strategic networking. The latter is more pinpointed on delivering a specific purpose for career excellence. Strategic networking can never go wrong today. Why? It’s because the information is becoming so unfiltered, and maybe cheapened by abundance; a case which can water down standards. In this same discussion, is the quality of our professional education. 

Professional education is becoming very accessible; which is in fact, a great achievement. However, the challenge is with the authenticity, and quality of education. Are they up to par? It’s quite easy to stumble on blogs, articles, and even courses that promise career growth hacks, or tips. But how many truly offer a competitive edge when the learner steps into his professional circle? Or vies for a competitive spot in his industry? This is where strategic networking comes to play. By meeting up with, or connecting with seasoned professionals in your field, you are able to flourish to your career purpose.

With strategic networking, aspiring career growth professionals can learn real and actionable industry practices from true professionals. The question of learning, surmounting work challenges using industry best practices are better resolved in such circles and networks. This is how to nurture a healthy appetite for growth and excellence. 

  1. Mentorship

The mentor-mentee relationship remains one of the oldest learning relationships. Yet, it’s still vibrant, and relevant in today’s career pursuits. Learning through mentorship offers a more sustainable approach. Because of the relationship established, mentees are able to leverage experienced advice, and expert guidance from mentors who have grown richly in their industries. One of the surest ways to access mentorship, is to find a senior expert who is committed to making an impact. Expectedly, such a perspective allows potential mentors to be receptive to aspiring professionals who are willing to put in the work, and are also ready to learn from constructive criticisms. 

While the search for mentors used to be a daunting task, today’s digital world brings more possibilities. In many online professional networks, aspiring professionals are able to find mentors in persons of abundant professional experience, and leadership skillsets. One can easily access their mentorship classes, seek expert advice, and build a mentorial relationship that grows beyond the platform. 

For example, the eTraining platform on EnergyHub is structured to transform learning into effective relationships that support professional development. Aspiring professionals can share a more productive relationship with their facilitators and trainers. This is how we help today’s aspiring professionals build effective mentorship for their future.

  1. Take on projects

Yes, it will be about taking on projects. But this time, it has to be a strategic move for your career. I say strategy because the pre-pandemic times had all the luxury of time. Today is the opposite. Everyone from top-level management, to the helpdesk team, is committed to working on what matters “business survival.” Therefore, your decision to take on projects shouldn’t be all focused on career growth but the bigger picture. Let it help your company answer bigger questions like “How can we rethink customer/sales success in these COVID times?” “How can we readapt our project management or marketing/sales practices for effective operations in this new normal?” 

Let your every move for career growth be towards answering a question, or solving puzzles in the bigger picture. We are more about survival and sustainability more than ever. You need to realign your growth to impact areas that matter in your company. Is it accounting, leadership, sales, marketing, etc? It has to be beyond taking a random professional course for its own sake. Growth has to be impactful or else it becomes irrelevant.

Right here on EnergyHub, we incorporated eTraining and Digital Exhibition to help our customers navigate the lockdown period of the pandemic. Our EnergyHub customers could still sell, transact, conduct webinars, reach out to their audience while observing social distancing practices from their homes.

Remarkably, our eTraining has helped nourish the learning ambitions of aspiring professionals across Nigeria and Africa. It’s not just easier to learn, it’s even possible to connect with seasoned professionals, those who have grown their careers in your field.

EnergyHub Partner, Aberdeen Commercial to Host Webinar on Worldclass Commercial Practices

The Aberdeen Commercial invites all professionals, businesses, organizations, and governments on its upcoming webinar focused on the need to adopt world-class commercial practices.

The theme is “Adopting Worldclass Commercial Practices for Professionals, Businesses, Organizations, & Governments.”

DATE: Tuesday September 22nd and Wednesday September 23rd, 2020

Time: 05:00 PM – 06:30PM (BRITISH SUMMER TIME & WAT)


COVID19 Pandemic is all over the world re-shaping life, nations, economies, and businesses in general and in particular oil-dependent economies. Surviving the present and thriving in the future, will only be open to those businesses, organizations, and government agencies that will pursue and adopt timeless practices that enable world-class organizations to thrive in all seasons, and in those uncommon and unheralded areas that distinguish great and generationally lasting organizations from others.

Aberdeen Commercial presents renowned industry experts in world-leading uncommon subjects in a series of workshops. They will showcase practical solutions in our areas of expertise to businesses and organisations including future-scenarios; strategic planning; cost leadership and management; contract management; procurement and supply chain; financial analysis and more to business operators, regulators, entrepreneurs and supply chain professionals. For many these workshops will introduce them to concepts and practices that are to be found only in the highest echelons of global organisations.

Participants will leave these webinar series with remarkable and profound nuggets for moving beyond survival to thriving in their business and professional endeavours and business goals.

Please register in advance with the link below for this webinar:


Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.