About Us

About Us

EnergyHubTM is an Entek company’s platform that provides a  digital collaboration platform for all players in the energy, oil  and gas sector of the economy. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to see all stakeholders in the oil and gas, and the  broader energy industry convene and efficiently transact their  businesses within a digital community and market place at any  time.

Our Mission

We aim to create a collaboration platform where industry players interact on a business to business interface for quick  business decisions that will significantly eliminate wastages  in terms of time and costs in service and product delivery.  EnergyHubTM brings you to the Energy World and its global economic opportunity.

While there are many conferences, and summits, and workshops, warehouses, and other avenues and places and  even processes of interaction, there is a major and visible gap  where all players can have access to their needs, at all times, in  all seasons, at the push of the button, in one platform. And this is what EnergyHubTM presents and provides.

Our Values

To complement the recent African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA), the biggest free trade area on the planet, with a robust Oil and Gas and Energy Market Space for ease of business transactions, as the Continent enjoys relative ease of intra-continental movement of labour, goods and services.

EnergyHubTM in additional to the intra-continental synergy, is also to create seamless digital interaction between the Continent, and the Global Energy Value Chain Providers.